A message from our CEO

On behalf of the entire Sterling team, I am pleased to share our company’s first corporate sustainability report.? This report illustrates our ongoing efforts on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues with a new level of transparency. We disclose a wide range of ESG-related undertakings of growing importance, and share initiatives from across our footprint, demonstrating our commitment in making our operations more sustainable.?

As Sterling continues to evolve into a more diversified specialty E&C company, we believe that all of our businesses; heavy civil, residential, and infrastructure improvement services have an important role to play in not only meeting the U.S. infrastructure needs of today, but protecting our environment and communities for tomorrow. Therefore, it is critical that all stakeholders collaborate to understand the issues facing society and respond with intellectual integrity and commitment to improving our environment.

At Sterling, our employees share a deep sense of concern, responsibility, and urgency in building a culture of safety, protecting the environment and community involvement.? It is through our employee’s efforts, we safely, efficiently, and ethically operate our business, give time and support to important causes and contribute to communities throughout our footprint.??

With this report, Sterling recognizes the growing interest in greater transparency of ESG management and performance. But this is not our sole reason for disclosing these efforts — societies and the environment benefit when companies add environment, society, and governance to their bottom line.


Joe Cutillo

Chief Executive Officer

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